Blue Card:

  • Sign your FULL NAME in blue or black ink, you take it to the DMV for your written test.  You may NOT drive yet!

  • If you do not pass, get your blue card back.

White Card:

  • This card is issued at the conclusion of your final BTW.  Don’t lose that!


  • Practice with your parents 2-6 months before you schedule your first BTW.  Follow the timeline below for drives.

  • You will need to log your hours on the supervised driving log. -Your parent will sign that form before your road test.

Schedule Drives (BTW):

  • To schedule drives, EMAIL our office   

  • Please include your name, a contact phone/text number, when you received your permit, when you intend to take your test and which location you prefer.  

  • We schedule drives one at a time, but this information will help us to properly space out your drives.

Timing of Drives:

  • Your FIRST drive should be 4-7 months BEFORE you plan to test.  

  • Your THIRD/LAST drive will be a few weeks before your intended test. Your SECOND drive will fall in the middle.  

  • Email us to schedule based on this timeline.  

  • We cannot guarantee to get 3 drives scheduled for you if you begin to schedule less than 4 months before your test.  PLAN AHEAD

Schedule Test: (knowledge and skills):

  • go to and follow the link to “online resources” then “Schedule Road Test or Class D Knowledge Test”. Follow the prompts to schedule the test. -when scheduling a permit (knowledge) test -click NO you do not have an id number. You will need 2 forms of ID and must have a parent with you to sign.

Drive Reminders:

  • Consider your drive appointments a priority. As with other important appointments, drives may be scheduled during school hours. Plan and know that we cannot guarantee to work around all sports and school schedules. If a drive is scheduled during school hours, a parent must confirm the appointment with our office and contact the school ahead of time, a drive appointment may be an unexcused absence.

  • The following will result in a $75 no show/rescheduling fee due before your next drive:

  • Student fails to be at the pickup location on time -a 10-minute grace period will be given.

  • Student does not have a valid permit with them, the student is not wearing proper shoes or fails to give 24-hour cancellation notice.  

  • For emergency contact with less than 24 hours’ notice: TEXT ONLY 763-567-2727

Additional Information from the Minnesota Driver’s Manual

Do you have all the information you need for your knowledge test?

  • I have made a Class D knowledge test appointment and have completed the online pre-application at
  • I have the required identification; I know my Social Security Number and I have payment with me.

Road Test Checklist

  • I have made a road test appointment and I have completed the online pre-application at
  • I will provide a vehicle that is in safe working condition in which to take the test.
      • Doors must open from the inside and outside, seat belts must work properly, headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals work.
      • Vehicle registration (license plates and stickers) must be current, or the vehicle must display a 21-day permit.
  • I have my valid instruction permit and have current proof of insurance for my testing vehicle.
  • I have money with me (check, money order, or cash -NO CREDIT CARDS) to pay the driver’s license fee.
  • If under 18 years of age: 
      • I am at least 16 years old and I have my certificate of course completion (“White Card”)
          • I have held an instruction permit for the last six months without a moving violation or alcohol /controlled substance violation. 
          • I have my Supervised Driving Log completed and signed by a parent or guardian
          • My parent, court appointed guardian will sign and approve my application.
  • If 18 years of age: I have had my permit for at least six months.    
  • If 19 or older:  I have had my permit for at least three months

Driving Restrictions

  • I understand that in the first 6 months I may only have only one passenger under the age of 20 and the second 6 months no more than 3 passengers, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Immediate family members do not count in this limitation.