~I've taken the class & have my blue card.....What's Next? 

Take the knowledge test.... 

**Must be at least 15 years old  

**Must provide Primary ID (certified birth certificate, passport)  

**Must provide Secondary ID (school ID or social security card)  

**Must provide Social Security Number  

**Must present Blue Card  

**Must have parent or guardian approval


Instructional permit received upon passing the knowledge test!




Call 763-262-CARS (2277)  to schedule your Behind the Wheel sessions.

Do not wait until it’s time for your road test to schedule BTW sessions. You should do your first drive about 2 months after you receive your permit (you should have logged about 15 hours), your second drive somewhere in the middle of the time you have your permit, and your 3rd drive right before your road test. Make sure you call Wreck-Less to schedule these drives, expecting us to have about a 2 month wait.


Instructional Permit Requirements

**6 Months minimum practice driving

**Minimum 50 hours behind the wheel driving experience with 15 hours of night time driving

 **6 Hours BTW with Wreck-Less Driving Academy

 **Primary Supervising Driver (one parent/guardian – must supervise majority of student’s practice hours and document on DMV Driving Log Sheet)



**When you turn 16 you may take the road test for your provisional license.    

**You must submit a DMV Driving Log that documents the hours you have driven.


Call 651-201-7900 or visit www.mndriveinfo.org to locate the nearest driver examination station and schedule your road test.

~I've taken the class & I need my Blue Card..... what's next?

If you have taken your 30 hour course and need a blue card, please contact our office.  We will set up a time to meet with you to get you registered for behind-the-wheel.  Once registered, you will receive your blue card and will be eligible to take the knowledge test. 


If you have previously completed your 30 hour classroom instruction and need a blue card please contact us for registration.


Ÿ  Option D: Pay for all Behind-the-Wheel sessions (6 hours):  $290 - to be paid on receipt of blue card/at registration

Ÿ  Option E: Pay separately, as follows: $150 to be paid on or before 1st BTW        $150 to be paid on or before 2nd BTW

Ÿ  Option F: Behind-the-Wheel supplementary drives: $50/hour, 2 hour minimum, over 18 years old or after completion of first 6 hours.          


Students under 18 must provide proof of classroom completion before they will be issued a blue card.  Classroom documentation is also required if the student transfers in from another driving school for BTW.  Blue cards are required for all drivers under 18 who take the permit test.