To register for classroom training in Becker, Spectrum or for virtual classes, please email our office. Provide the class location/dates as well as the student's full name, birth date, e-mail and a parent contact phone number. Our office staff will contact you to confirm your registration. Once registered, we will e-mail you the registration paperwork and a welcome letter. Paperwork, program choice and payment choice are due at the first class session. Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card (please include expiration date and card code).

*students must be 14 1/2 when class begins to be eligible for a session, the student must be 15 to take the permit test at the DMV

To register for classes offered at Monticello and Big Lake High Schools, please register and pay through their individual Community Education Programs.

Class Fee: $425  (Includes 30 hours classroom instruction and 6 private behind the wheel lessons)